Bruce Musgrave

Ilaria Belloni brought efficiency, practicality, tact, high competence, and common sense to every phase of our real estate transaction in 2016. She had been equally effective at renting out the property before we listed it for sale.

Clare Mellini

Ilaria is the epitome of professionalism ! She is an expert in our area and understood the trends and value of each comparison property to market our home effectively. Her and her team were always on time, communicated well in regards to setting up appointments and always maintained respect for  our home. Through a difficult closing Ilaria was responsive to our concerns and questions

Dr. Edgar Romero

I have had a personal relationship with Mrs.  Belloni Barreto for well over 15 years.  She has always proven to be a reliable friend, a respectful person, and a wonderful mother and spouse. When the decision was made to sell my home, there were some reservations on my part in contracting with a friend.  Would we be able to confront her with issues?  What would happen in the case of disagreements? I must say, in all matters, her service, beyond the friendship, has been nothing short of excellent. From the recommendations to staging, to the help with a very complex exchange, to the positivity in the face of some concerns and difficulties, her work has been exceptional. I've personally bought or sold 9 properties to date this year, some in many millions of dollars.  This deal, for my own home with my emotional attachments, has been the one I've worried least about. I couldn't recommend her enough, as her current client, and as her longtime friend.

Stacey Soto

I have experience working with Ilaria Belloni two times, first in 2008 buying a home in Coral Gables and then again in 2014 selling that same home. With both the purchase and the sale, Ilaria was very professional, and she efficiently managed the other party/their realtor, inspections, and contractual negotiations as they arose. She has many years of experience in the Miami real estate market, and she put this experience to great use in navigating me through each transaction. With regard to the most recent sale, in 2014, Ilaria did a great job marketing the home, and she was able to get me the price I required quickly and without hassle. I think this occurred in part due to her network of local and international buyers, and of course the marketing tools she uses. She handled the entire process with her trademark discretion, and I was very satisfied with the timing and the price agreed upon. Ilaria has done a great job for me twice, and I highly recommend her for real estate transactions in Miami.

Caleb Procopio

During the long process of finding out new home in Coral Gables, Ilaria was always very focused on our goal, acting quickly and helping us during each phase of the whole purchase. She demonstrated an extraordinary knowledge of the Miami real estate market and we have been 100% satisfied with her job. We will definitely recommend Ilaria due to her outstanding capacities and we will definitively use Ilaria's professional services for our future needs.